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Heroic Castle Nathria

Date: Mar 24, 2021 - switch instance
Time: 07:00 PM
Reoccurs: Weekly on Wednesdays
Posted by: TheLoneCone
Category: Progression Raid
Castle Nathria
Castle Nathria
Raid Leader Thelonecone
Jjennypoo as the Loot Master

All events are server time

Be on 15-30min before event start time for invite or you will not be invited unless you put a note saying you will be late.

No sign up no invite.
Thank You,
Your Higher Up's[/size]
Tank (2)

2. Faromir Death Knight

4. zetsum Druid

Damage (8)

1. Littlespyone Hunter

3. Judaspriestt Paladin

5. Exgirlfríend Death Knight

6. Sculi Hunter

7. greymar Rogue

8. Chainblitz Shaman

10. Solin Shaman

M. littlephreak Demon Hunter

Support (5)

9. beerboi Monk

M. evelyn Priest

M. Thunderduck Shaman

M. Jjennypoo Druid

M. brbshifting Druid



Had to cover, might be late/miss
Migraine still and got my second covid vaccine today. Not feeling well at all
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