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Jjennypoo / Nov 09, 2021

If you wish to raid with FNE please make sure to read and sign the RRS this goes for FNE members and also FNE community members.Thank you

Jjennypoo / Aug 13, 2021

We are back and ready to start kicking ass!We are rebuilding our teams so if you are interested please join us in the climb!

Jjennypoo / May 19, 2021

Hey Yall!!!!! ☺ Everyone seems to be on break from wow and doing there own thing.We hope everyone is having fun and being safe. We would like to start events back up here soon. Please take the time to do some keys with some guildies that dont ...

Jjennypoo / Sep 09, 2020

Hey yalli just wanted to ask everyone if they can please help farm or whatever for mats for the guild bank.This way we can make the stuff for the guild bank so yall can have it.Also we need more feast!Thank you everyone yall are amazing.

Jjennypoo / Jul 10, 2020

Here are our Facebook group and page please feel free to follow and join bothFacebook group for members only page for everyone

Jjennypoo / Jul 07, 2020

Welcome to the new (maybe?) website for FNE, owned and operated by us! Hopefully everyone likes it and we can merge over seemlessly, eventually.